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Which Photographs Do We Want of Our Wedding Day ?

This article provides advice and guidance as well as photography ideas for you on your special day. 

Remember, every single wedding is different, as is every beautiful couple, so not all of the below ideas will apply to everyone. But, most importantly I will capture the romance, emotion and atmosphere of your wedding day.

The Getting Ready (optional)

This maybe at the bride or grooms home, parents address or a hotel, and images to think about include -

Details like shoes, tiara, closeup details of the dress hanging up ready to wear. Suits hung, cuff links, tie pins, shoes etc.

Hair and make-up being done on the bride, bridesmaids, mother, and final adjustments when getting ready

Flower bouquets and button holes

Some formal or informal shots with family 

At The Ceremony Venue

Photos of guests arriving, and greeting everyone. Arrival of the happy couple!

Inside the Ceremony Venue

The walking down the aisle

Vows and exchanging rings (where permitted)

Pronouncing, and the kiss.

Signing the Register setup and then the walking down the aisle

Confetti throwing, if permitted

Guests chatting, congratulating and informal candid shots taken

Formal Shots


Not all couples like formal posed and directed shots, so I can capture all natural candid ones of you both with the family, friends and guests, with the same time allowed for. 

I also likes to capture the wedding breakfast tables, flowers, cake and decorations. This is a nice quiet time to also do the mock cake cutting with just the couple.

If you are having formal shots (as most weddings do) it is sometimes best to take the larger group shots first, so those guests can then mingle afterwards or have a drink while the newly married couple and close family portraits are completed.

After this, I can be discreet among the guests and take some relaxed natural shots, so you have these as well as the traditional posed portrait ones listed above.

I can take the you both away for some quiet romantic couple shots, by using the venues interior areas, or its architecture, gardens and surroundings. Or maybe visit a nearby river, beach, woodland or park. Some time out together in your day is really beneficial. 

The Wedding Breakfast / Reception
Next are the shots of the speeches, with the guests and couples reactions of laughter and emotion.
The cake cutting will be taken, or a mock one, or perhaps this is later in the evening
Then I can wait for the first dance, general dancing with guests and then.. time for me to head home.